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April 2019 Groomer's Marketing Planner &
Printable Promo Pieces For Your Grooming Salon 

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An Outline Of This Month's 3-Part Marketing Plan

Increase Profits
This month's profit program also includes printable coupons to entice your customers to try this new add-on service.(included in all paid editions of our kit)
Get More Customers
Create a Website For Your Business Or Optimize Your Current Site To Capture More Customers  This Month. Websites are one of the least expensive marketing methods and one of the most effective. About 90% of consumers are now utilizing the internet to search for services. If you don’t already have a website, you can create one for free with Weebly websites. It doesn’t take any special skills to do it, and it only takes a couple of hours to create. Our Advanced kit includes a booklet titled DIY Website Secrets That Will Bring You In New Pet Grooming Clients
Increase Profits
This month's profit program is for promoting a shedless/Deshed service in your grooming salon. Your salon may already offer this, but if not, you can easily do it by using either a Furminator or carding the coat with a handheld blade. This planner comes with a 5x7 promotional display sign to promote this add-on service, and all paid editions also include printable coupons to give to customers to entice them to try it next time, plus a general printable services menu that lists this add-on as well. If you have our advanced kit with the editable templates, it also includes Facebook post templates for this service, as well as editable templates for all of the materials.
(templates for both of those are included in our advanced kit).
Ensure Client Loyalty
Offer above average, personal service this month by handing out a customer education brushing sheet & giving a quick line brushing demonstration to each client- By this month, you will already be using the Pet Report Cards and have the brush & comb display in place. So now is an ideal time to personally hand out one of the brushing education sheets(included with all paid editions) to each client and to spend about 60 seconds showing them how to use the slicker brush for line brushing on their pet. This type of helpful, one on one service helps to keep clients loyal. This will also help to boost brush & comb sales.
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With our Basic Groomer's Profit Kit, you can get:

  • A printable 2019 Groomer's Appointment Book
  • A 2019 Groomer's Marketing Plan with a new plan for each month
  • Two E-books full of easy and inexpensive ways to increase your grooming income, get more customers, and keep them returning.
  • Plus 36 printable Promotional materials.
  • All for just $12.95