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 Feather Extensions Bring In Additional Profits

This Popular Add-On Grooming Service Only Takes 2-Minutes!

Puppy feather extensions have become quite an in-demand service that grooming clients love. And grooming salons are able to charge a premium for this quick add-on service. It is a fabulous service to add to a grooming salon since it only takes a couple of minutes to do and doesn't cost much for the tools. Below, you can find a tutorial video that shows just how quick & easy it is to apply the feathers. We have also included information on where you can purchase the supplies and feathers for under $20. As well as printable promo pieces that will help to sell this easy add-on service for you.
Pup feathers -dog grooming feather kits
This Tutorial Video on Youtube Shows How Quick & Easy It Is To Apply Feather Extensions To The Ears  

Did you know that you can put the feather extensions into a dog's ear in just two minutes? We didn't know that it was that easy until we found a short tutorial video on Youtube that shows you how.  You can click on the video above to view it. In the video, you can see exactly how to do it and what tools you will need. 
Feather Extension Kits With Feathers & Tools Can Be Found For Under $20

We looked online for sources to get the tools and feathers and were excited to find that you can get starter kits with all of the tools and some feathers for under $20. We found several places that carried them. Here are a couple, along with links to the sites: 

  • Amazon.com had a nice kit for $9.35 (at the time of posting this). It included the tools, beads and 10 feathers. They also carried several other feather kits for under $10.
  • PetEdge.com also carries a couple of feather kits starting at $15.99 (at the time of posting this) 

With starter kits costing this little, you can recoup your investment after just one or two customers. This quick and fun little add-on could easily be priced at $5 to $10 depending upon your location and local market. 

Printable Signs & Coupons Help Sell This Add-On Service   

Effortlessly sell this fun & easy add-on service by simply displaying one of our two feather extensions signs and by handing out coupons to entice customers to try them. Easy edit templates are included in our Advanced Groomer's Profit Kit and ready to print pdf's are included in our basic kit.
Dog groomer feather extensions sign

Effortlessly Sell Feather Extensions

 With These 5x7" Printable Signs And Coupons

We were excited to find out just how easy & inexpensive this was to implement. Especially since we already had some printable feather extension promotional posters included in all editions of our Groomer's Profit Kit. Which means that you can begin to offer this great add-on service in your grooming shop almost effortlessly. Once you have the tools & feathers, you can begin to effortlessly promote this new service in your salon by printing out the posters and coupons to promote it. Editable templates for the promo materials are also included in the Advanced edition of The Groomer's Profit Kit and can be instantly downloaded and printed out right from your home computer in minutes. What an easy way to quickly increase your income!
Dog grooming add-on services coupons
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